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Google Announces 145 Dangerous App's List, Make Immediate And Uninstalled

Google announces 145 dangerous app's list, make immediate and uninstalled Advertisement         Google has announced a list of 145 apps warning the Android phone users. These apps are affected by viruses. It may steal users' bank account, email, private information from the social media account. Google has advised to delete these apps immediately. Learn how hackers stifle private information According to Google, these 145 apps with viruses are not harmful for Android phones. But if the phone is connected to a Windows computer, this virus can come into the computer. According to the company, virus-affected apps can understand the key stroke (the letter and word typing on the keyboard). 
          Through it, hackers steal private information, including your bank details, credit-debit card, email and social media account password. Urgent delete Baby Room, Motor Train, Tattoo Name, Car Garage, Japanese Garden, House Terrace, Skirts Design, Yoga Meditation, Shoe Rack, Unique Tishart, Men's Shoes, TV Ruwang Tama, Idea Glasses, Fashion Muslim, Bracelet, Clothing Drying, Minimallisting Kitchen , Nail Art, Ice Cream Steak, Ruf, Children Clothes, Home Sealing, Pala Side, Living Room, Book Shelf, Nived Baby, Hair Pants, Wall Decoration, Pending Mansion, Body Builder, Kapal Rtsa, window design, hijab style, Wing Chun, and fencing techniques, learn to rro clothing Let's tell you that this year, security cameras like Symantec, ESET and Czech Points warned about some hidden malware apps in the Google Play store. Some of them are shown as some security apps as utility apps. Click here information
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