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Why Should I Donate A Car In California?

Why Should I Donate A Car In California?
You seriously don’t have to lift a finger … well, one finger, to call us at Cars2Charifor free – whenever and wherever is most convenient for you (The charity you choose reimburses Cars2Charities for the towing, improvements, and handling). We determine if changes to your car will result in a higher sale price. Then we sell it and hand your favorite charity a check … and you get a tax write-off for 100% of the value of your car donation in California!

We literally handle it start to finish – we take care of the title transfer and all the DMV documents. You have better things to do than sit around and wait for Craigslist customers and stand in long lines at the DMV. Let us take the car you no longer need off your hands (and out of the garage!). You can also feel good knowing that you can generously help someone without resources.

Did you know that your vehicle donation in California doesn’t even have to run?! We come and tow your car, so it’s not like other charities that accept car donations in California, where you have to limp it to a drop-off location or government rebate center.

Has it been a really long time since you’ve had your boat in the water or taken your jet skis to the lake?Donate a boat in California or a Sea Doo you don’t use and we can turn it into relief for someone in need.
Whether you’ve got a sports car, sedan, or if you want to donate a truck in California, we take them all off your hands and convert them into a generous gift to charity (along with your nice tax deduction, of course).

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